Mozart Reimagined: Transcriptions and Translations

Since the beginning of time, the most popular music has been covered – arranged. It was no different with Mozart’s music. Even in his own time, many of his works were arranged.

KV 546 is Mozart’s adaptation of his own work for two pianos. Composers often reused pieces they liked. Mozart, perhaps, thought to arrange the Adagio and Fugue for strings while he was arranging some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s fugues for string quartet.

Henri Brod was a renowned oboist and instrument builder active in nineteenth century France. He arranged Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet for oboe with strings. Mozart’s quintet was so popular that it was still circulating by Brod’s time. Moreover, he made this arrangement in 1862, and it was republished in 1870 in Leipzig after Brod’s death.

The Gran Partita is another of Mozart’s most popular works. It is scored for wind instruments with four horns and basset clarinets; hence, the Gran Partita was often arranged. It is exciting to capture the many colours of the original in a different instrumentation.

This program brings together well-known works by Mozart in a different light. Playing historical arrangements on historical instruments, Symphonie Atlantique brings a different perspective to your favourite music!

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