IYAP 2014

IYAP 2014

”Each voice has a distinct character and function, aiming for individuality of musical line rather than mass of sound. The power of this ensemble lies in their daring to perform with individual voices as a single unit.”

Kristen Huebner (Amsterdam), Bachtrack 

26 January, 2013

“I have experience of coaching student and young professional period instrument performers across Europe, but the open mindness, enthusiasm and skill of Symphonie Atlantique exceeds anything I have encountered elsewhere. The combination of talent, energy and research-led approach to historical performance combine in this ensemble to produce extremely exciting and highly competent results.(…) The engagement of the players coupled with exceptionally intelligent musicianship produced extremely compelling performances.”

Claire Holden (Oxford), professor of Historical Performance at the Royal Academy of Music London, violinist of the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment and PhD candidate at Cardiff University with a focus on early nineteenth century violin performing practices.

“With the enthusiasm of one who embarks on a light boat at the mercy of the wind, the members of [Symphonie Atlantique] played as if their lives depended on every note.”

Luis Gago, Blogs de Revista de Libros – 16 October, 2012